Deepening connection to the natural world.

About, Mentions and More

Hi, I'm Elis, and I'll be your beekeeper! I live on an off-grid homestead with partner Jess, dog Lumi and cat Sumoe. We actively respect the land and take time to regenerate it through permaculture. We harness the sun for power, rain for water and harvest the wood for heat, taking only what we need. Elis’ preferred pronouns are Elis/They/Them.

Why the Curious Goat name? I started our enterprise by making goat cheese. Then I 'inherited' some bee colonies from our family in 2014. Since then I switched to a range of garden offerings and honey and added Earth-friendly beeswax products.  As we continued to grow our gardens and bee yard, I use provincial beekeeping best practices.

I hope Curious Goat General Store supports a deeper appreciation of the connections between bees, ecosystems and the food we eat.

Indigenous Allyship

I live and operate Curious Goat General Store on theterritory of the St. Lawrence Iroquoians, Wendat, Anishnabewaki and most recently theHaudenosauneeMohawk nation. I am here as a guest on this land, alongside Indigenous peoples here and in the Bay of Quinte. As a settler, I’m proud to continue work dating back hundreds of years to the first Haudenosaunee agriculturalists. I continually learn so I can be a better ally for Indigenous Human Rights and Sovereignty. That's why I choose to direct 1.492% of sales to the Kenhteke Seed Sanctuary, as a start.