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New Salted Honey!

We're pleased to launch our 'My Secret Ingredient' this month in time for the holidays!

Salted Honey, when you thought honey couldn't get any better. Perfect for baking,
dessert toppings or cocktails, this is a first in a line of specialty honeys for Curious Goat. 

We're all about the cocktails right now as we enter winter and holiday season, so whether you use it in a simple syrup in this Salted Honey Hot Toddy or Eater's Salted Honey Old Fashioned, you can add a bit of honey's complexity to your
cocktail flavour. 

And don't get us started on adding it to food! As a yogurt or ice cream topping you have an amazing addition. Try this Salted Honey Pie from Kick Ass Baker, or simply drizzle on your own home-baked biscuits, muffins and cookies for a special twist!

Made with just raw County honey and sea salt, this is a special treat which can be your Secret Ingredient!

Get yours today!

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